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mobile apps We live in a technology-driven world where apps have become a part of our daily life, ubiquitous and seemingly domineering. While you may not need to bother about how apps get built, but of course you are expected to know a few things about apps. At least to survive as a certified netizen.

While the basic background of how to get an app built and running may seem too techy for the average person, at least a basic knowledge of how and what goes into the building of an application can’t hurt anyone. So here are the basic things you should know about the mobile app:

Mobile apps

A mobile app is a specially designed software that will work on your smartphones and other related devices. These applications will allow you to get all the services that you once have access to only via your computer.

Depending on how you build your apps, the functionality may differ from each other. Apple started the development of applications through the AppStore, and now they are available for the Android phones as well via the Google play store. Mobile applications will enhance the functionality of your smartphone, allowing you do much more with your smartphone.

Mobile app vs. Mobile website

It is a fact that the business organizations want to make sure that their customers could easily access them through their mobile phone. However, the real issue arises when they have to select between the mobile app and mobile website. So here we have compared both of them so that it would be easier for you to select. Here are some of the features that you need to consider:

Mobile website

  • The websites are developed for the small mobile platform
  • They can be accessed using any available browser
  • Only the URL or link to the website is required to access it
  • With the proper responsive webs deign the mobile website will provide you with the same benefits as the regular website.
  • The customers will get a chance to easily access your website whenever they like

Mobile apps

  • You have to download and install the application
  • The mobile app is only available in the marketplace of the application like Apple store, Android play store and much more.
  • The app will provide your business a special corner in the device of the user
  • The application can be inactivated, and it can be accessed in the absence of the internet connection
  • The accessibility of the mobile application is easier

Types of mobile apps

There are of course, different kinds of applications and they differ from each other in terms of functionality, here are the different kinds of applications and their functionalities.

1-Native apps

Native apps are also referred to as in-built or system applications. In that they often come pre-installed on your smartphone. Also, the applications in this category controls your phone primary functions. They are often built for a particular Operating System and cannot be uninstalled from your smartphone.

This is the reason that such apps take the complete advantages of the features of the device for which they have been developed. They are allowed to utilize:

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • Accelerometer
  • List of contacts
  • Compass
  • Much more

2-Mobile web apps

Web applications are not really applications per say; they are mobile websites that, from numerous points of view, look and feel like local applications. They are controlled by a written HTML5 coded program and users first get access to them as they would get to any website page: they type in ordinary URL’s and afterward have the option of introducing them on their home screen by creating a bookmark of that page.

Web applications turned out to be quite popular when HTML5 came around, and people understood that they could use the code writing skill and expertise to achieve viable webpages. As the scope of the HTML5 code increases, the gap between web applications and standardized site pages seem to be non-existent. Users can swipe on a level plane to proceed onward to new areas of the application right from the browser.

All of these elements that are accessible in HTML5. Additionally, access is granted to other system application such as: the tap-to-call features, GPS. There is a discussion about a camera API, in spite of the fact that have not seen any web application that exploits it up until now. We could see that change anytime soon though.

3-Hybrid apps

Like the name suggests, hybrid apps represent the best of both worlds. This is exemplified in the fact that a single hybrid application is a combination of both a web application and a local application. While they are most times erroneously referred to as web application by most individuals, they are a combination of both. Like local applications, they are domiciled in an application store and can therefore enjoy the benefit that comes with this. And also, like a web application they depend on HTML to have their functionalities coded.

Most businesses use hybrid applications; this is because it is often more cost-friendly in that you can easily port contents from your website to the application, this reduces the running cost of building an entirely alternative application. Hybrid applications are equally easy to port across platform, you can easily move your application from android to iOS and either way too. This reduces running and maintenance cost for your application. Apart from this, hybrid application also considerably reduces improvement cost of your application since you can reuse your built up application on a number of platforms, utilizing the power of HTML effectively.

Bottom line

A knowledge of the types of applications there are and how they are being built specifically will birth in you the idea behind how applications are being built. And it suffices to say that it will help your experience in deciding which type of application to have built for your business. Or even if your business has one already, such information may come in handy sometimes. Who knows?



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