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BY brainwirez Updated January 9, 2020

MissTravel: the dating website where rich men dating spend for us to travel the world

The look for Mr Right has taken Natalie Lumber all over the world on 80 days.

Natalie Wood has been actually residing the highsociety after being actually blended away throughrichsuitors

She has actually drunk alcoholic drinks in the Maldives, jet-skied in Kuwait and also seen Australia coming from the cabin of a private plane. Yet the 30-year-old beautician has actually barely had to part witha penny.

Natalie joined to a dating agency along witha distinction. Called MissTravel, it guarantees to matchattractive women withwell-off but unhappy men who are willing to cashtheir meetings in exotic locations. The online matchmaking service possesses the motto: ” That Needs Cash? The Upper Class Trip the Globe absolutely free.”

It ‘ s aimed unashamedly at girls who are actually honored withreally good looks, along withthe reasoning that the plain demand not administer. Natalie, coming from Canterbury in Kent, determines that her jet-setting over the past two years will have cost £& extra pound; 60,000.

” Individuals call me a gold-digger,” ” she confesses. ” However I prefer to be phoned a deluxe traveller. I love to tick off different nations. I’ m singular as well as I as if being actually spoiled.” ” And also paying for flights as well as five-star lodgings in a proposal to make an impression on Natalie, dates have bathed her along withdesigner clothes, swept her off her feet in their cars as well as invited her aboard their private yachts.


Most of her times have actually been prosperous older business owners who are actually as well hectic to locate love. Natalie states they have actually all been ” ideal gents” ” and while she doesn ‘ t feel struggling to sleep withall of them she ” doesn ‘ t regulation it out “.

Other countries Natalie has actually seen consist of Turkey, Dubai and the United States. However while she’ s delighted to find the globe at another person’ s expenditure Natalie’is determined that it ‘ s also regarding meeting a potential brand new companion and she has organized to come across among her days once more.

In the meanwhile Natalie resides in Miami, where earlier today she met up witha cosmetic surgeon who took her for a twist in his Horse sports car. Prior to soaring property she’ s lining up a side-trip to the Bahamas for yet another tryst.


Because of Natalie’s excellent looks she has actually managed to take a trip around the globe

” I would adore to satisfy and marry a worldwide business owner, ” she says, however she takes care to look into her times’ ‘ backgrounds before stuffing her bags and also ticket.

Questions have actually been actually brought up regarding the safety as well as principles of MissTravel, whichis promoted througha picture of a leggy brunette resting on a suitcase, yet its own United States owner refutes there’ s everything seedy.


Natalie mentions she would certainly really love to find and also wed an international business owner

It’ s a lot easier for individuals to fall in affection or be actually romantic on a trip, normally in an amazing location

Brandon Wade

” We ‘ re merely a dating web site, ” insists Brandon Wade. ” Our company matchfolks then they’ re off by themselves.


” The majority of dating internet sites have been focused on individuals rich men dating in your area however among things our experts noticed, specifically serving the productive and also wealthy type, is actually that folks agree to take flight and travel to encounter one another.

” It ‘ s a whole lot simpler for individuals to join passion or even be enchanting on a trip, generally in an unusual place.”


The event female has actually appreciated seeing unusual locations featuring Turkey, Dubai and also the US

He points out that escorts are actually outlawed from making use of the web site, sexual activity is actually never ever pointed out and that no funds improvements palms.

MissTravel is certainly not Pretty Woman along withincluded sky miles and also women are actually urged to make it very clear what prices are actually being fulfilled, or even shared, as well as ask for distinct areas –- at the very least to begin with.

It’ s professed that the firm, whichreleased 4 years earlier, possesses more than 600,000 participants worldwide who have actually happened upwards of 300,000 vacations.

Young ladies that have actually joined record being actually inundated along withpromotions of all-expenses spent treks to spots including Hawaii, Street Kitts and Hong Kong –- all apparently without any cords associated.

Bothmales and females can post their information on the website, witha critical accompanying photo, but the understanding is that it’ s the men who pick up the tab in yield for companionship as well as that understands what else?

Current top places include Bali, Paris and also Cancun, Mexico. Having said that, an eye-catching young woman may upload information of her goal trip throughout the planet, then merely kick back as well as hang around.

Last year Monica Lynn, 25, coming from Alabama, told just how she journeyed to 9 various countries consisting of Italy, Barbados, Mexico and also China, without devoting a dime. The past economic advisor was actually bombarded along withinvites from richsuitors. She reckons it would have taken a decade to barring her travels if she’d spent her very own technique.


” When I first discovered the site I thought it was odd but type of cool,” ” states Monica, that also insists she really felt no tension to sleep around.


Monica, visualized, mentions MissTravel is actually muchlike every other dating website – however along withincorporated advantages

” It ‘ s similar to some other dating site yet along withthe bonus offer of trip.”

Like any kind of day there certainly ‘ s always the opportunity that it ends up being an extremely painful disaster. That’ s bad good enoughif you are actually merely a taxi flight coming from home yet producing your reasons while beyond of the planet is actually a totally different ballgame.

Monica’ s initial time, who whipped her off to Barbados for a full week of spoiling, purchased the entire excursion and also showered gifts on her. Nevertheless, there was actually no love.

” Our experts enjoyed however there was no connection,” ” she includes. She had far better good luck on her 3rd date, in Milan, where she succumbed to a prosperous 28-year-old business owner. In spite of the distance between all of them they came to be an item.

” It has actually been actually a life transforming take in,” ” mentions Monica. ” It ‘ s even more charming than everything a man back house might do for you. Typical times will be as well dull now.”

It seems that when the world is your shellfisha dishfor 2 at the local area pizza joint or even a rom-com at the flicks merely won’ t carry out. As well as along witha lot of men able to pay the bill for their jet-setting why should the likes of Natalie and Monica be in any type of rushto calm down?


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