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BY brainwirez Updated February 19, 2016

Mobile apps are very important no matter your industry. Real Estate Investors can benefit from many different types of apps and in cases where the app require doesn’t exist, they can hire mobile app developers to make it so. As a property investor, there are many ways you can capitalize upon technology to protect and increase your financial interests. One such way is to utilize apps. There are a handful of apps ideally suited for property investors and the best part is that most of them are free to download.  

These include:

  1. RealEstate


  3. The Builder App

  4. Magic Plan

  5. Auction Help

  6. BMT Tax Calc

  7. Houzz

  8. Tap Mortgage

iphone apps

Help with Locations and Property Values

1) The first is called “RealEstate”. This application can be used on an iPhone or iPad and operates much the same as the real estate website bearing the same name, but with a layout better fitting a tablet device. The properties about which one might inquire are laid out on a map with corresponding pins pointing out the exact location. Tapping on the given pin results in detailed information about that property. This is an ideal application for anyone on the go who wants to research properties in their area of choice.  

2) Along the same vein, “ property values” is yet another application which functions similarly to the original website bearing the same name. Users can download this app and review comparable sales on properties, recent sales, as well as property selling histories. As a bonus, this app has a “guesstimates” section where it provides an estimated guess about land value, size, and history for any potential investment property.

Apps to help post-purchase

3) Once a property has been purchased, investors can use “The Builder App” to post jobs for renovations or restructuring projects and link directly to local, professional contractors. It connects investors with professionals who are also using the app and circumvents the need to acquire and assess multiple quotes.  

4) “Magic Plan” is an app which allows investors to stand in the centre of each room on a property, take photos in a circular fashion with their phone, and create room measurements and floor plans which can be exported as PDF’s or JPEG’s, perfect for furniture guess work and design plans.  

5) For those looking into auctions, “Auction Help” is an ideal iPhone app. This application helps investors when bidding at property auctions. The current bid can be inputted alongside a budget for the property, and the application can provide bid suggestions with estimated stamp duty and repayments based on the bids.  

6) “BMT Tax Calc” is a depreciation calculator suitable for use on iPads or iPhones. It offers maximum and minimum estimates for investors and it can breakdown the equipment and plant data. The app is a wonderful way to quickly calculate a depreciation schedule.  

7) If a property is in need of some repairs, “Houzz” is the app best fitting the smart investor. This application lists professionals available for contract hire on renovations or restorations with detailed information on their services and qualifications. Beyond that it also houses a forum where other investors are keen to answer questions or ask questions themselves about potential projects. If one falls short on ideas, this app can save the day with its inspirational section, offering potential renovation ideas from community members and professionals alike.  

8) For those investors looking to find mortgage information on their newest properties, “Tap Mortgage” is the answer. This application can quickly calculate the loan repayments as well as the stamp duty for potential properties. It can be used to generate tables of summary data and repayment data. This application is a wonderful way to verify whether the information provided by a seller is accurate and is one of the few out there which can make correct calculations with ease.

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